Trafalgar Studio Two

Coming Clean

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Show & Venue Information

After critically acclaimed performances at the King’s Head Theatre, Coming Clean will play at Trafalgar Studio Two. The 1982 play tells of relationships breaking down, with characters coming to a loggerhead over issues of monogamy and trusting one other. See how characters may or may not be so faithful in an emotionally charged show that show how relationships can come under strain if two People aren’t on the same wavelength. So, if you want to see a West End transfer that’s playing for a limited engagement, you’ll want to see Coming Clean.  

Coming Clean introduces us to the characters of Tony and Greg, with their story helping to explore themes of love, commitment and monogamy. The former has started to see their partnership in a new light and wishes to cease the ‘open’ side of their relationship. Greg, meanwhile, shows no signs of agreeing as he holds opposing views and has acted accordingly.

Even though the characters seem to have love figured out at first, it’s clear that “love” and “being in love” are two entirely different concepts. Packed with cutting-edge social commentary, Coming Clean is a fresh, innovative play that tackles present day relationships head on.

Did you know?

‚ÄčComing Clean was first performed at the Bush Theatre in 1982.

Coming Clean won the Samuel Beckett Award for writers showing particular promise in the field of the performing arts.

Location & Travel

Address: 14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY - Get directions


Nearest Tube
Charing Cross

Tube Lines
Bakerloo, Northern

Directions to theatre
(5mins) Head left on the main road Strand. Follow Trafalgar Square around onto Whitehall and the theatre’s on your right.


Buses: (Whitehall) 3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 88, 91, 159, 453; (Strand) 6, 9, 13, 15, 23, 29, 87, 139, 176

Night Buses: (Whitehall) 12, 24, 53, 88, 159, 453, N2, N3, N5, N11, N18, N20, N44, N52, N87, N91, N97, N109, N136, N155, N381; (Strand) 6, 23, 139, 176, N9, N13, N15, N21, N26, N29, N41, N47, N89, N279, N343, N551


Charing Cross


Trafalgar (8mins)

Show & Venue Information

Trafalgar Studio Two

Trafalgar Studio Two
14 Whitehall

Performance Times

Mon 7.45pm
Tue 7.45pm
Wed 7.45pm
Thu 3.00pm and 7.45pm
Fri 7.45pm
Sat 3.00pm and 7.45pm

Booking From

Wednesday, 8th January 2020

Booking To

Saturday, 1st February 2020

Running Time

2 hours 15 minutes

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